The Origins and Future of the Global Studies Consortium

Mark Juergensmeyer of UCSB and Matthias Middell of the University of Leipzig talk about the founding of the Global Studies Consortium in 2007. They also discuss what the Consortium has achieved in its first decade, and the challenges it faces. Recorded at the GSC meeting in Shanghai, June 2017.

Interdisciplinarity as a Research Framework in Global Studies

Vladimir Pacheco Cueva (Aarhus), Jie-Hyun Lim (Sogang), Michael Goodhart (Pittsburgh), Zhao Wuming (Shantou), and Tommaso Durante (RMIT) discuss “Beyond Interdisciplinarity: Developing a Global Transdisciplinary Framework” by Eve Darian-Smith and Philip McCarty. Recorded at the Global Studies Consortium meeting in Shanghai, June 2017.

What is Global Studies?

Participants at the 2014 Global Studies Consortium meeting held in Roskilde, Denmark talk about their understandings of global studies.

Also, a number of regular GSC participants talk about global studies in this UCTV video: