Mission statement

At this critical moment in the life of universities around the world, academic programs have responded to the forces of globalization in creative ways, conducing to new graduate programs in global studies. The purposes of this consortium are to promote and facilitate graduate teaching programs in global studies and to foster cooperation among them. The consortium is open to any academic program in the world that offers a graduate M.A., M.Sc., M.Phil., or Ph.D. related to global studies. It includes programs that are transnational, transcultural, global/local, world systems, or cross area, and that are hospitable to interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches within the humanities and social sciences to global studies.


The consortium will:

  • share curricula and ideas about teaching programs
  • exchange teaching materials, including lectures and reading lists
  • facilitate cooperative teaching projects, such as distance learning, on both bilateral and multilateral levels
  • develop surveys of student career paths and share information  about employment and internships for students
  • encourage student and faculty exchange agreements