The Global Studies Consortium maintains close ties to global-e, a global studies e-journal published by the 21st Century Global Dynamics research cluster at UCSB.

Latest articles from global-e:

We Should Worry About Authoritarian Practices, Not Just Populist Leaders


By Marlies Glasius

September 18, 2018

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Keeping a Distance: ‘Bushman Tourism’ in Botswana

By Junko Maruyama

September 11, 2018

Growing numbers of international tourists visit the San to encounter their culture and lifestyle, and such tourism is expected to…

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The Primal Politics of Belonging and Immortality

'Man Pointing' by Alberto Giacomett, 1947.

By Louis René Beres

September 4, 2018

“The crowd,” observed the 19th century Danish philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard, “is untruth.” Nowhere is this seminal observation…

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A European Game of Humanitarian Chicken Where the Only Winning Move Is Not To Play

banner reading 'Refugees Welcome' hangs from the front of the city hall building in Madrid

By Natasha Bennett

August 28, 2018

Perhaps right-wing populist rhetoric does get one thing right, and it is this: policy frameworks characterized by national…

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Afro-Reggae Soundscapes: The Communicative Power of Music

screenshot of video for the song 'Satati' by Momar Gaye and band Zaman, on beach in Sardinia

By Mathias Stevenson

August 21, 2018

While music can neither eliminate racist extremism nor overturn increasingly stark racial and ethnic divisions […] it remains…

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