Leipzig: Junior Professorship in Global Dynamics of Resource Use and Distribution

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy at the University of Leipzig is seeking to fill a tenure track professorship in the Global Dynamics of Resource Use and Distribution (W1 with Tenure Track Leading to W2).

The successful candidate will have an above-average, highly visible research profile on global dynamics arising from the use and distribution of resources and address issues of distributive justice and related negotiation processes. The spectrum of possible resources is deliberately broad. It may include mineral resources and groundwater as well as natural resources in the oceans and solar and wind as energy sources, as well as the technologies required to develop them, but also forms of and access to education, health, finance, political and social power, and cultural capital. Research experience in at least two world regions is required, at least one of which should be in the Global South.

Responsibilities include participation in the MA Global Studies and the BA/MA Cultural Studies as well as doctoral training in the Graduate School Global and Area Studies. The professorship should build a bridge from the research networks of the Leipzig Research Centre Global Dynamics to the life, environmental and climate sciences.

The deadline for applications is 30 July 2021.

See here for more information.