New book: Challenges of Global Studies

This book features writing by scholars currently or previously connected to the Institute for the Study of Global Issues at Hitotsubashi University. The Institute was the world’s first graduate school in global studies.

The book offers an excellent introduction to readers curious to discover the breadth (and depth) of global studies. You do need to be able to read Japanese, though 🙂

Authors who have attended GSC gatherings include:

  • Yoshiko Ashiwa
  • Takeshi Ito
  • Jonathan Lewis
  • Jie-Hyun Lim
  • Diego Olstein
  • David Wank

But their efforts are if anything put in the shade by the other contributors:

  • Haruka Kano
  • Yayoi Motohashi
  • Masaya Nemoto
  • Kazuhito Onozuka
  • Machiko Sawabe
  • Yasemin Soysal
  • Maho Yamazaki
  • Nakamura Yutaka

Here is a link to the publisher’s page and to the page on Amazon.