Global Studies Consortium

University of Minnesota : Institute for Global Studies

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Key features

A graduate minor in global studies is under development.  The minor will be open to students enrolled in existing Ph.D., M.A., and professional graduate programs at the University of Minnesota.

Number of faculty: 15

Faculty tenure homes are in their disciplinary departments.

Backgrounds of faculty

Faculty are drawn from the departments of American Studies, Anthropology, Gender Women & Sexuality Studies, Geography, History, Law, and Sociology.


Global Studies Consortium meeting participation:
  • Tokyo 2008
  • Leipzig 2009
  • Melbourne 2012
  • Moscow 2013
  • Cairo 2015
  • Pittsburgh 2016

Contact details

Institute for Global Studies

University of Minnesota

214 Social Sciences

267 19th Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN  55455


Program email address:
Evelyn Davidheiser