Global Studies Consortium

Hanyang University : Research Institute of Comparative History and Culture; Graduate Program in Transnational Humanities

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Key features

The Graduate Program in Transnational Humanities

at the Research Institute of Comparative History and Culture, College of Humanities, Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea, aims to train capable transnational intellects by providing a curriculum that crosses the boundaries of nation-states and  academic disciplines.


Educational Goals


Postdisciplinary Curriculum

- Transnational curriculum beyond the dominant national  paradigm

- Postdisciplinary perspective across academic disciplines

- Omnibus lectures and seminars jointly designed and lead by specialists in multiple fields

Training the Next Generation of Transnational Scholars

- Diverse educational programs through global networks

- Multilingual communication skills

- Academic exchange with renowned scholars and  promising students of the world

Teaching Global Citizenship

- Responsibilities and practices required of global  citizens

- Critical insight into multicultural and glocal lives

- Ethics of coexistence for a global citizenry in the 21st century


Educational Support


- Scholarships and grants for all students

- One-on-one mentoring from admission to graduation

- Mutilingual educational environment


Career Prospects


- Professorships and research fellowships in universities and academic institutions

- Foreign embassies, cultural centers, global NGOs

- Government organizations, Korean NGOs

- Corporate employment

- Continuing education, foreign language training, local cultural education

- Performance and arts production, cultural content, educational media, cultural and literary criticism


Collaborative Programs


Foreign Exchange

- Student exchange, cross registration and double/joint degree systems underway


- Internships in international organizations and grassroots civic groups underway


Transnational Humanities Lecture Series and Transnational Alltagsgeschichte Seminars



- Transnational Humanities lectures and Transnational Alltagsgeschichte seminars held on a regular basis in connection with the graduate program curriculum




- Short-temr intensive lectures and seminars led by renowned scholars


Flying University of Transnational Humanities

- Global summer school and online forum on Transnational Humanities




- Lectures by renowned scholars and graduate sessions for student presentations


- Global networking of graduate students and researchers in Transnational Humanities
















Global Studies Consortium meeting participation:
  • Santa Barbara 2007
  • Tokyo 2008
  • Leipzig 2009
  • Shanghai 2011
  • Melbourne 2012

Contact details

Program email address:
Chair and Professor Hae-Dong Yun