Global Studies Consortium

The American University in Cairo


Key features

The program prepares students for professional careers at the national and international levels within organizations that address interstate issues, work to prevent or resolve conflict, and promote global cooperation. It also prepares students for careers in multilateral organizations that work with developing countries and support the policy dialogue between nations and international institutions to shape and implement global standards. Finally, the MGA program aims at allowing students to analyze the national processes though which global principles influence and interact with policies at the country level. The mission of the MGA program is to support public, private, nongovernmental and multilateral organizations in Egypt, the region and globally by equipping young professionals with the knowledge and skills needed in the conduct of global affairs, from the national, regional and multilateral perspectives. Students will develop skills in the analysis of global issues, development of policies and strategies, and their implementation and governance through a range of institutions in order to meet the needs of a changing world, particularly regarding states at different levels of influence and development, as well as their citizens.


Global Studies Consortium meeting participation:
  • Moscow 2013
  • Roskilde 2014