Global Studies Consortium

Leipzig 2009

Second meeting of the Global Studies Consortium

University of Leipzig, 17-18 October 2009

Participating institutions


17 October

9 am-12 pm

What is Global Studies about – Recent Developments and Regional Experience (chair: Ulf Engel)

Matthias Middell (U Leipzig), Words of Welcome and some Remarks on What Global Studies might be about

Victor Faessel/ Mark Juergensmeier (UC Santa Barbara), The growth of Global Studies as a research field around the world

Scarlett Cornelissen (Stellenbosch U), Post-Colonialism and Global Studies

Hagen Schulz-Forberg (Aarhus U), Global Conceptual History or Global Modernity

Discussion and presentation of programmes

Dominic Sachsenmaier (Duke U) "Global Studies -Related Activities at Duke"

12-2 pm Lunch Break

2-6 pm
Global Studies and the Transnationalisation of Teaching: Consortia of universities, study abroad and e-learning elements (chair: Katja Naumann, Leipzig)

Erin Wilson (RMIT Melbourne), Developing graduate programs, and linking these to a transdisciplinary Global Cities Research Institute – experiences from Melbourne

Margarete Grandner (U Vienna), The European GS-Consortium and the next steps to go David Wank Sophia (U Tokio), Internationalisation of Global Studies from a Japanese Perspective

Jonathan Lewis (U Hitosubashi), Global Studies by web networking
Discussion and presentation of programmes

Steve Witt (U Illinois), “Is Global Studies an Emerging Discipline or Interdisciplinary Approach: A Bibliometric Perspective”

Jin Yan (Fudan U, Shanghai), N.N.

18 October 2009

9am -12 pm
Concluding Discussion: A Global Research Agenda for Global Studies: 1989 and the emergence of a new world order (chair Steffi Marung, Leipzig)